Securing Your Video

Zorp Video can help you do it all


Create videos for your organization anytime, anywhere


Team members at every level can contribute and view videos


Tag, archive, and safeguard videos using your cloud


Give your organization the tools and information to excel

Secure, Online Hosting For Your IP Videos

Zorp Video allows the connected worker to shoot videos – training, product development, engineering tips and more – then store them safely on the user’s Intranet and delivered remotely through a Virtual Private Network. These valuable information assets may have been scattered across corporate intranet sites, SharePoint portals, and file shares where videos are hard to find and impossible to manage. Or worse, employees are uploading their videos to consumer sites like YouTube, Vimeo, or Dropbox, in order to share them, opening the door to hackers and compliance problems.

Zorp Video is the secure YouTube alternative that puts organizations in complete control of sensitive video content while making it easier to manage and share videos. With Zorp Video, you can centralize all of your video assets in a secure video library located on your corporate Intranet. Zorp Video converts every video for optimal playback on any device and makes everything inside your videos searchable through Machine Learning.

Training and Knowledge Management Made Easy

Video has gone from nice-to-have to absolutely essential, let alone, a core part of training and knowledge management. Instantly add training videos to your Learning Management System and track employee completion rates with the Shareable Content Object Reference Model. Share videos on your CMS and intranet pages with a click. Enable your teams to include relevant videos as part of the information they share in your internal social networks shooting video with smartphones, something all knowledge workers know how to use.

Know Exactly Who is Watching Your Videos

With Zorp Video, you will know who is watching. The wrong eyes will not be able to see confidential (read Intellectual Property) video content. With Zorp Video, you have much greater control over your business videos than you do on YouTube, Vimeo, or other consumer video sites.

Securely hosted on your corporate Intranet, Zorp Video makes it easy to authenticate users while continually synchronizing access control lists so the right videos are visible to the right employees within your corporate video library. Additionally, since Zorp Video is access-aware, your employees will only see video content in your library if they have viewing permissions.

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