Zorp Video is the software that lets companies capture knowledge in video using recording devices that can be as simple to use as a smart phone camera. Zorp Video can be used by engineers, researchers, and connected workers to capture newly discovered technology, software and equipment that speed the development of new products. That knowledge will be shared in a video database keyword searchable by Machine Learning and shared throughout your company. It is stored in an encrypted cloud behind the company’s firewalls.

Zorp Video will be built to work on your company’s private cloud network using your company’s CIO and CISO to make sure the platform, network and connections are secure from hackers behind the company’s firewalls.

Zorp Video can be customized for specific company’s needs. The basic mechanics are video capture, video data base, video harvesting using Machine Learning. Those capabilities include instant video capture of innovation as it occurs. Product specific that can include history of all updates. Public brochure site videos providing a glimpse of what your company’s products can do to solve your customers’ problems.

That is entirely up to the company that licenses Zorp Video platform. It’s everything from research and development, human resources training, manufacturing processes, sales and marketing best practices.

Zorp Video can be used by anyone who owns a smart phone. Or you can shoot your video with more sophisticated camcorders or professional equipment if you so choose. Training will be provided by Zorp Video.

Zorp Video’s Machine Learning capabilities zero in on exactly the keywords and phrases you seek. Zorp Video will highlight those passages in the video stream taking you exactly where you want to view the video at exactly the moment you want to view it.

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