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Zorp Video can help you do it all


Create videos for your organization anytime, anywhere


Team members at every level can contribute and view videos


Tag, archive, and safeguard videos using your cloud


Give your organization the tools and information to excel

What Zorp Video Can Do

Zorp Video allows you and your employees to capture knowledge from senior employees to share with junior employees, or even the other way around. Employees under age 40 have grown up in the digital, internet world, while senior employees have had to learn about technology through formal education and on-the-job training.

Zorp Video captures knowledge in short “best practice” videos that can be shot on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and camcorders and stored in a database that is keyword searchable through Machine Learning and artificial intelligence.

Who Can Use Zorp?

Any employee, middle manager, or senior executive can query the video database and receive a list of videos that match the keywords specified. The user then can view any videos, or all of the videos, to find out if the knowledge captured addresses their issue. If not, they can alert management about the information gap.

The videos can be recorded as the engineers or researchers develop new technologies or new ways of using technologies that benefit the company. They can be shot by line workers, foremen, or managers involved in the production process when better ways of using technology are discovered. Videos can be recorded by sales staff as they develop new pitches, glean customer requirements to share with senior management to help improve or develop products.

Learn From Anywhere

Zorp Video can be used as part of training practices outside a physical classroom. The Pandemic has made virtual training common. Once stored in the database, the videos can be viewed by anyone in the world to share the latest technologies with employees anywhere.

New products, sales techniques, and advanced technologies that work in regional markets can be shared throughout the company. This allows companies to speed products to the market while matching the exact requirements of customers through in-depth video knowledge sharing.

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