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Secure, Online Hosting For Your IP Videos

Typically, your IP videos are scattered throughout your corporate network, or they could be lost in SharePoint portals, or with other files that you cannot find let alone manage. Or your employees could be uploading your IP videos to public social media sites – such as YouTube and Vimeo – where they would be exposed to hackers who may harvest and sell your corporate information. Failure to manage and secure your videos could also lead to compliance issues with local, state and federal government agencies.

Zorp Video solves these video issues. Zorp Video allows you to easily capture, manage and secure your knowledge videos, while delivering these video to your employees securely when they need them. With Zorp Video, your entire video library is housed in a secure database behind your corporate firewalls in your corporate cloud. Each video is keyword searchable using advanced Machine Learning technology.

With Zorp Video, your company and connected workers will have complete control over who views any video with hierarchical permissions. For instance, a factory manager would be able to view all the videos that pertain to the production, logistics, administrative, and human resources departments. A foreman would have access only to the videos that fall into his or her areas of responsibility.

Zorp Video also allows webmasters to share videos on your company’s public internet as part of your corporate promotional efforts. Non-proprietary videos can be used as part of a company’s recruitment process showcasing the types of jobs available.

Why use Zorp Video?


Increase automation with knowledge capture technology

Industry 4.0

Be prepared for the next phase of advanced manufacturing

Secure Cloud

Tag, archive, and safeguard videos using your cloud

Video Library

A searchable library with all of your video assets

Manage your video library, securely.