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Zorp Video is the software that powers the Book Of Knowledge project that helps companies capture innovation in video using recording devices that can be as simple to use as a smartphone camera. Zorp Video can be used by engineers and researchers to capture newly discovered technology, software, and equipment that speed the development of new products. That knowledge will be shared in a video database keyword searchable by Machine Learning so that this knowledge can be shared widely throughout the company and stored in an encrypted cloud behind the company’s firewalls.


The initial users will be auto manufacturers and auto suppliers that develop Industry 4.0 technology – the automation of more traditional manufacturing and industrial uses that incorporate smart technology. Using both the Internet of Things and Machine Learning, Industry 4.0 improves communications among self-monitoring smart machines that can run diagnostics continuously with a human operator and report malfunctions before they occur.

Industry 4.0 is slowly replacing Industry 3.0 – the digital revolution – that began in the late 20th century and included the heavy use of industrial robots to replace humans for more mundane jobs such as welding and painting.

Potential for Industry 4.0

In 2020, the Industry 4.0 market, according to several reports, was valued at $83 billion and is expected to grow to at least $267 billion by 2026. Other researchers contend rapid acceptance of Industry 4.0 technology could propel the market for these technologies to $1 Trillion by the end of this decade. Certainly the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in 2020, researchers contend, drove the acceptance of Industry 4.0 by manufacturers who were forced to rely less on a human workforce because of virus restrictions, including social distancing, difficult in a manufacturing plant.

Zorp Video to Date

In 2020, Ann Arbor SPARK, one of more than 15 smart zones established by the Michigan Economic Development Corp., accepted Zorp Video into its incubator program. SPARK has invested more than $10,000 into the Zorp Video website development and through legal fees for Zorp Video to register a worldwide trademark.

Shortly, Zorp Video will be seeking investors to pay for honing an already developed and proprietary video capture technology and synching it to Machine Learning to provide Book of Knowledge users with an easy and quick way to search the database for videos pertaining to Industry 4.0 and innovation and to add new videos that capture the most recent knowledge.

What’s more, Chairman Cole has identified several auto suppliers in the metro Detroit area that are interested in working with Zorp Video and Book of Knowledge as initial beta customers to further refine the technology.

Exit Strategy

In three to five years, the exit strategy is to sell Zorp Video to a major software development company that will incorporate it into its portfolio and provide the international marketing support Zorp Video will need to reach manufacturers worldwide, all of which need to capture and retain the innovative knowledge developed internally to make their manufacturing operations more efficient, responsive and cost-effective.

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