Knowledge Sharing

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Create videos for your organization anytime, anywhere


Team members at every level can contribute and view videos


Tag, archive, and safeguard videos using your cloud


Give your organization the tools and information to excel

Knowledge Is For Everyone

The currency of the new knowledge economy is capturing and sharing institutional and research expertise, as well as discoveries, and disseminating that quickly and easily throughout your organization. Experts can exist at every level and area. Knowledge, new or old, isn’t much good if it’s not available on-demand. That’s where Zorp Video comes in.

Whether an organization wants to preserve institutional knowledge from current or former employees, or quickly share new knowledge learned or developed in the research department, that knowledge is essential to the future of any organization. Zorp Video’s easy-to-use video platform makes it simple for knowledge managers to share this knowledge pool in short, concise video segments that can be shared to every connected worker’s benefit.

In this fast-moving digital world, these expert videos are the key to making your entire organization more productive. Additionally, if you develop new products or services to meet the demands of the digital economy, you can bypass competitors who continue to use top-down and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing.

Keep Critical Information On-Hand and Safe

Zorp Video lets your employees, managers, and senior executives designate to keyword scan video archives quickly, and share newly acquired knowledge widely within your organization – or even with suppliers and contractors to keep just-in-time delivery flowing and productivity exploding exponentially.

Not only can Zorp Video let your employees view videos stored in a secure corporate cloud environment, but they can also record videos of newly acquired knowledge straight from R&D. The software can run on any PC, Mac, or mobile device. It can be recorded on the same devices. Everyone these days carries a smartphone with video recording capabilities better than many camcorders.

Help Your Organization Perform Optimally

Zorp Video can be a video “suggestion box” on the shop floor. Lineworkers and foremen, your foot soldiers and sergeants in the corporate battle, know better than anyone else in the company what works, what doesn’t work, and what can be created to solve Industry 4.0 issues – such as building the perfect electric and connected vehicles.

What’s more, your employees possess a huge amount of intellectual property that they developed working at your organization. What happens when they retire and take another job, perhaps with a competitor? Zorp Video makes it simple to document the knowledge of your departing employees.

That means your organization can keep critical details about your business, systems, and processes that may be known only to a single or handful of subject matter experts. Zorp Video can also smooth the transition for new employees by imparting to them a myriad of project details as well as day-to-day responsibilities. No matter what role, Zorp Video makes transferring all this knowledge easy to search and review long after former employees and executives have moved on.

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